Monday, May 30, 2022

Digital Safety Scoreboards From and AccuformNMC

Digital Safety Scoreboards, Digi-Day
Digi-Day Safety Scoreboards

Scoreboards are perfect to motivate employees and promote a safe, accident-free workplace.

Safety Scoreboards offer the perfect solution to track your company's days without a lost time accident and encourage your employees to beat their best previous record. Visually communicating your company's accident free-work days cultivates safety in the workplace.

Digi-Day Custom Digital Safety Scoreboards
Custom Digital Safety Scoreboards

Improve safety with a display geared towards the atmosphere of your environment. Customize a board with your company logo. Place boards in popular locations, such as the time clock or breakroom to formularize your company of safe work days.

Select a style that fits your company and a message that reminds workers why they need to work safe - because someone at home depends on it!

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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sign Muscle Coating - Extending the Life Of Signs and Labels*

AccuformNMC's liquid-based, scientifically strong, UV-protective coating resists harsh chemicals, abuse, graffiti, and more.

Superior Protection

Pioneered and patented by National Marker Company to provide superior protection from fading and yellowing, tagging, chemical damage, abrasions, and cracking to shield your safety message on selected materials (Aluminum, for example). Sign Muscle® is applied to many of our products - for FREE!

Improved Formulation

AccuformNMC has worked to improve an already excellent product further. Sign Muscle® now has improved UV inhibitors and continues to cure and get even stronger over time! Download our Spec Sheet to learn more about Sign Muscle®!

Why Sign Muscle®?

Because you have more important things to do than question if your products are durable enough to withstand the rigors of the world. Sign Muscle® Liquid Laminate provides the confidence you need to trust that the integrity of the products you use to Inform, Protect, and Motivate® your workforce are made to last! 

Sign Muscle protects thousands of identification products, including many stock and custom signs, shadow boards, scoreboards, and much more!

Stock Signs

Applied to the surface, Sign Muscle® bonds and dries instantly, further curing over time to defend your message against the rigors of the world's most demanding environments. 

Custom Signs

The integrity of the print color is considerably improved due to UV inhibitors,
therefore extending product life.

Store-Boards™ Shadow Boards

The surface is fully encapsulated and is suitable for interior and
exterior installation applications. 

Digi-Day® Scoreboards

With a combination of high-quality materials, UV-engineered ink sets,
and Sign Muscle® - your product is made to last.

Rutke Signs Home of

Authorized Distributor for AccuformNMC*

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Accident Prevention Safety Tags

What does Accident Prevention mean?

Accident prevention refers to the plans, preparations, and actions taken to avoid accidents or stop them from taking place.
Accident prevention includes all measures taken in an effort to save lives, escape from injury, lessen the degrees of injury, avoid damage to property, reduce treatment and compensation costs, and prevent the loss of productive time and morale.

Accident Prevention is working!!!

  • Worker deaths in America are down-on average, from about 38 worker deaths a day in 1970 to 14 a day in 2017.
  • Worker injuries and illnesses are down-from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers in 1972 to 2.8 per 100 in 2017.

Today's focus is on Accident Prevention Tags

Help Warn of Potential Hazards and Provide General Information On The Job Site

Caution Unsafe Do Not Use
    Danger Do Not Use 

1910.145(f)(3) Tags shall be used as a means to prevent accidental injury or illness to employees who are exposed to hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions, equipment or operations which are out of the ordinary, unexpected or not readily apparent. Tags shall be used until such time as the identified hazard is eliminated or the hazardous operation is completed. Tags need not be used where signs, guarding or other positive means of protection are being used.

1910.145(f)(4)(i)(A) The Signal Word shall be either "Danger," "Caution," or "Biological Hazard," "BIOHAZARD," or the biological hazard symbol

1910.145(f)(4)(i)(B) The Major Message shall indicate the specific hazardous condition or the instruction to be communicated to the employee - For all your stock or custom signs labels and tags

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Wet Floors Due To Weather Conditions

With the fall season weather becomes a greater issue from wet floors in entry ways.  Although during the summer we do occasional have a problem from excessive rain it usually is not as large a hazard as during the winter months from snow and ice.

The floor of each workroom is maintained in a clean and, to the extent feasible, in a dry condition.
This may apply to problems with rain,ice and snow.  Depending on the situation it may require more than just general maintenance of the area.

Provide Signs For Wet Floor Areas

Caution signs shall be used only to warn against potential hazards or to caution against unsafe practices.
All employees shall be instructed that caution signs indicate a possible hazard against which proper precaution should be taken.
Safety instruction signs. Safety instruction signs shall be used where there is a need for general instructions and suggestions relative to safety measures.
Design features. All signs shall be furnished with rounded or blunt corners and shall be free from sharp edges, burrs, splinters, or other sharp projections. The ends or heads of bolts or other fastening devices shall be located in such a way that they do not constitute a hazard. - For all your stock or custom signs labels and tags.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

ISEA and OSHA Will Work Together To Raise Workplace Safety Awareness

International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) have signed a 2 year agreement.  The agreement will focus on personal protective equipment on how to select, use, and maintain.

ISEA agreed to:
  • Share information on OSHA’s National Emphasis Programs, Regulatory Agenda, and opportunities to participate in the rule making process.
  • Share information on occupational safety and health laws and standards, including the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.
  • Participate in forums, round table discussions, or stakeholder meetings on issues related to personal protective equipment to help forge innovative solutions in the workplace or to provide input on safety and health issues.
OSHA agreed to: 
  • Share information on the proper selection, use, maintenance and storage of personal protective equipment and personal safety equipment, and to develop ways of communicating such information (e.g., print and electronic media, electronic assistance tools, and OSHA’s and ISEA’s websites) to employers and workers in the industry.
  • Share information among OSHA personnel and industry safety and health professionals regarding developments in national consensus standards for personal protective equipment and personal safety equipment through training programs, workshops, seminars, and lectures (or any other applicable forum) developed by the participants.
  • Speak, exhibit, or appear at OSHA or ISEA conferences, local meetings, or other regional events.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Campaign

With the dog days of summer upon on us this 4th of July week OSHA has again reminded us of the dangers of excessive heat.  OSHA's new campaign concentrates on


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Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

In 2015 According To The US Department Of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
Exposure to environmental heat led to 37 work-related deaths and 2,830 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work in 2015.

Landscaping and Construction are the most common we see around us everyday.  No one really thinks about the workers in steel mills or brick firing ceramic plants.  The important thing is to remember to stay hydrated and take a break.  You will finish your project a lot faster if your head is clear and your body feels strong.

Whether your at a baseball game or on the golf course staying hydrated is key.  Pounding a bunch of beers sitting at the ball park or playing golf in the heat is an absolute no no.  Caffeine from certain types of drinks can also dehydrate you.  The best thing you can do is drink plenty of water.

For more information about OSHA and their Heat Illness Prevention Campaign Visit for more details

Monday, July 2, 2018

July is National Fireworks Safety Month

This is the time of year we love our fireworks.  I don't know anyone who returns to work after a Fourth Of July holiday and everyone is talking about how I thought the neighborhood was going to blow up.  It was so loud.

Why is that a problem?  Individuals in the neighborhood are handling fireworks with really no experience and little regard for safety.  It is the old adage it won't happen to me.  Well visit your local emergency room over the holiday and see how busy it is.

The practice with fireworks is leave it to the professionals and enjoy the holiday.

National Fireworks Safety Month is sponsored by Prevent Blindness America 

Please visit for all your eye protection safety identification.
It is important to remind everyone to protect their vision.